Anpro Cupro Sleep Mask Blindfold Eye Sleeping Mask with Ear Plugs for Travelling, Meditation, Napping, Daydream

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What is Cupro?
Cupro is made from copper and cotton linters which is the best part of the cotton. It is felt like silk but more breathable, durable , and comfortable than silk. Because of the copper ions, it is antibiotics and mould proof. Our cupro sleep masks not only feel smooth against your skin but are also hypoallergenic, great for those with sensitive skin.

Lacking of Hormone Melatonin could cause the dark circles. The production of this Hormone Melatonin needs sufficient darkness, so lightness prevents its production. A disturbance during sleep even could be caused by a little portion of light during your sleep, such as the digital clock. So sleep is very important for our life, which can keep your heart healthy, reduce your stress and boost your memory. Anpro sleep masks could provides complete darkness for your sleep, ensuring that you experience absolutely no pressure on your eyes while maintaining light blockage. The ear plug can keep you far away from the noise and the adjustable strap will let you customize your fit. They are so soft and comfortable that you'll forget you are wearing them. After wearing them, you will have more energy and wake up invigorated.

Anpro sleep eye mask is recommended for people who:
-Take long journey on airplanes or in trains, bus
-Find it difficult to sleep in new environments
-Cannot fall asleep because someone arround you reads or watches TV
-Are looking for perfect relaxation during yoga, wellness or meditation
-Want to improve the quality of your sleep

Package Included:
1*sleep mask
1 pair of foam earplugs

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