Allday 100% Xylitol-Sweetened Dry Mouth Spray, 2 oz Bottle (Pack of 2)

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Introducing Allday Dry Mouth Spray, for fast long-lasting relief from dry mouth. A dry mouth is a bigger problem than you may realize. When you don't have enough saliva your mouth can feel dry, but that's just the start. The lower the level of saliva you produce the worse the problem gets. What begins with a little discomfort can lead to cracking, blisters, mouth ulcers and other unpleasant things, including bad breath. An even bigger problem with dry mouth is something you don't see or feel right away, but it can be even more harmful and painful, cavities. Yes, cavities. A dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and cavities. When you don't have enough saliva your teeth get weaker and you are much more likely to get cavities. Did you know that saliva is the best natural defense against the bad bacteria that hide in the mouth? That bacteria breaks down food particles and produces acids that attack the teeth. Drinking some water will help temporarily relieve dry mouth discomfort but it is not enough to combat the destruction caused by the bacteria. Allday Dry Mouth spray fights dry mouth differently than any other moisturizing mouth spray. Its patent-pending combination of moisturizers and high concentration of xylitol acts like saliva to instantly moisten and soothe your mouth for fast and long-lasting comfort.