AlcoMate Premium AL7000 Professional Breathalyzer with PRISM Technology

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The AlcoMate Premium Breathalyzer features one of the most important innovations in the breathalyzer industry - patented PRISM (Pre-calibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module) Technology. PRISM Technology provides cutting-edge alcohol sensing using the most rigorous standards of construction, durability and accuracy. Typical breathalyzers must be periodically re-calibrated by the manufacturer in order to maintain accurate readings. This is usually done by physically mailing your breathalyzer to a service center, resulting in wasted downtime. On top of that, the re-calibration procedure itself is unable to restore Day 1 accuracy, because the wear and residue buildup inside the sensor is not addressed. Instead of going through a tedious re-calibration process, PRISM Technology allows you to directly replace your old sensor module with a new one; replacement is quick and easy, and you avoid the pitfalls of mail-back re-calibration. When you decide to invest your hard-earned dollars in a breathalyzer, you can make sure your device is as accurate as Day 1 each time you install a new sensor module, only with PRISM Technology. AlcoMate breath alcohol testers are DOT approved for law enforcement accuracy, US Coast Guard cleared, and are the single-source brand for the US Navy.