Akak Store Craft Ink Pad Stamps Partner Diy Color,20 Pcs/Set Assorted Color Rainbow Finger Ink pad Rubber Finger Printing Stamp, Paper, Wood Fabri

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What is the Fingerpaint
Kids fingerpaint:
It refers to children with bare hands (including fingers, fingers, palms, back, hand side) dipped into the appropriate pigments, were fingerprints, handprints, graffiti and other forms of artistic activity on a paper plane media.
Finger painting can cultivate children's observation, imagination, creativity, freedom to express nature.

This is a very good gift for children.Children will love it very much.
There are many colors.Free to choose their own favorite use and mix.
This sponge inkpad to do more delicate, so rich reservoir of oil.
Because the more delicate sponge. If you think it will be relatively dry, I suggest dropping a small amount of water into it, and it can be about 2 drops.

Package Include:
20 x Assorted Color Craft Ink Pad

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