Airoflux 4 Piece Silicone Cupping Set sold by professionals for home use and travel. Uses for cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, muscle pain and

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These are four silicone cups that are portable for home, office, or anywhere use. Some of the potential benefits are: back and neck pain, muscle pain, muscle recovery, stiff muscles, cellulite, stretch marks, headaches, migraines, increased blood flow, and more. Each set is inspected and English instructions are included. We guarantee the quality of the cups.

Apply more pressure on the sides or top get a greater suctions. These cups are perfect for the traveler when muscles get sore or stiff. No flames or pumps required for these cups. A non-medication treatment. The Cupping technique has been used for several thousands of years. You may have seen cupping used by many Olympians. Just squeeze the cups and the suction will adhere to the body. No glass to break or hard plastic. This is a perfect gift idea.

"I have been going to Acupuncturists to get cupping done for years. I also wanted a way to cup myself at home without the flames and time spent. This is a perfect way to do that. If this can help me, I hope it will help you too." (Mike V Airoflux Owner)