Air Arch Pain Relieving, Weight Shift Stabilization, Shock Absorption, Sole Massage Insole Gold

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Air Arch Sports Gold for Unisex adults
It has relatively less cushion feeling than Air Arch Full Size. It is, therefore, suitable for the sports with much momentum (baseball, football, ping-pong, tennis and badminton). The function of massaging and body balancing is excellent. Being used for Unisex

How to use

Remove the adhesive tape from back of Air Arch For best results. Attach the product directly underneath your existing removable insole Also place Air Arch on the existing insole fixed

About Brand "Air Arch" by Aae Bon

Aae Bon co.Ltd. is official manufacturer of "Air Arch" insoles whose design is patented in Korea and USA; Patent - No. 10-0941588 , PCT/KR2011/006019 / United States US D743,682 S
The arch of the human foot plays a vital role in our everyday lives.
The arches are responsible for maintaining balance by evenly distributing your body
weight over your feet. As with time, the arch of the foot will slowly decline resulting
in "flat feet" which prevents proper weight distribution. Flat feet can cause various
physical symptoms such as lower leg pain and misalignment of the spine. Our
product was specifically designed to provide support to the arch and prevent the
flattening of the feet.
The patented design of our product relieves stress on the heel by providing a cushion
of the air that absorbs shock. As the heel presses against the cushion, the air bag
expands and the air towards the arch of the foot. This design allows the air bag to
protect the heel from strong impact and provide arch support.