Aider Bunion Support Type2, Comprehensive Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief ToePal kit-5 Piece Hallux Valgus & Bunion Pads, Toe Spacers, Toe Separa

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Are you painful on your little toe?
The people who have hallux valgus symptom also could have pain on little toe.
AIDER Bunion Support Type.2 is supporting both big toe and little toe.
Toe straps are attachable, so you can apply on one toe.
Stimulating related muscles
The related muscles are named 'Adductor Hallucis' and 'Abductor Digiti Minimi'.
AIDER Bunion Support Type.2 stimulates those muscles.
It also supports the pivot muscles of Adductor Hallucis and Abductor Digiti Minimi.
The pivot of Adductor Hallucis and Abductor Digiti Minimi is on heel.
AIDER Bunion Support holds your heel, and gives effective supporting.
Applied high quality material for better feeling and functioning
There are a lot of requirements in such a small support.
Some users could be grazed by Velcro or damaged by product.
If you wear it for long time, it is also easy to sweat or make prickly heat.
AIDER always tries to apply better material and reduce side-effects by material.
☞Applied Power net, Magic velcro and Span velcro

Please be noted.
AIDER released two-type-bunion support. We wish our solution is helpful for diverse people.
Type 1 - For big toe, ARCH supporting
Type 2 - For big toe and little toe, HEEL Supporting

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