Acupress Premium Moxibustion Belt Pad Cotton Clothes Suits in Multi-sized for Portable Moxibustion Boxes Moxibustion Treatment

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One-pocket suit is easy for any body part that you would like to treat; idea for Neck, Arm, Shoulder, Abdomen, Back, Leg, Arthrosis. This One-Pocket Suit is for 33cm long
Two-pockets Suit is good for Arthrosis, like your Knees and elbows arthrosis treatments
Three-pockets-cervical suit is idea for cervical region treatments
Three-pockets-waist suit is idea for waist and abdomen treatments
Three-pockets-foot suit is idea for foot treatments
Four-pockets suit is idea for waist and abdomen treatments
Six-pockets suit is idea for back and abdomen treatments
Eight-pockets suit is idea for back and shoulder treatments
Each pocket's diameter 8cm, height 4.5cm
NOTE: This listing is only for Suits, NO moxibustion boxes included

These thickened Moxibustion Suits for moxibustion treatment or other therapy. There are tightness-adjustable cords around pouches to hold respectively portable moxibustion boxes. It's convenient and portable. Treatment: lumbar muscle degeneration, irregular menstruation, uterine cold, improve men's sexual capacity, women's ovarium and womb maintenance etc.

Put Portable Moxa Boxes inside the pockets.
Apply towel on your neck and shoulder
Cover Moxa pocket cloth on top of towel.

--Pay attention on the heat of moxa, if too hot, it's recommended to add one more layer of towel.
--Machine washable, use mesh wash bag if possible!
--Please do not touch cold water after finishing moxibustion treatment.
--You'd better doing treatment two hours before or after taking shower.