7PC Care Type Bunion Relief & Bunion Corrector Protector Sleeves Kit-Hallux Valgus Thumb Toe Correction, Toe Separator, Single Hole Hallux Valgus

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This Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector are great for active lifestyles, walkers, runners, golfers and has been worn by many professional athletes. It's worn by people who are on their feet all day and is highly regarded by nurses and other medical professionals.

*Gel Pad Bunion Protector Sleeves*
Exclusive gel conforms, protects and soothes tender bunion area. It acts as a barrier, preventing blisters and continued rubbing from footwear on the bunion which can lead to increased irritation of the sensitive area. Special stretch material, make it one size fit most feet.

*Toe separator with bunion guard*
This toe separator gel has a bunion guard and is perfect to use when you have an bunion and have to wear high shoes. You can use this gels bunion guard, but it is recommended to wear in a socks.Do not wear it for a long period of time if your feel it interrupts your blood flew.

*Standard spacer*
This is our every day bunion spacer. It helps realign the big toe when you don't want a bulky shield on your foot. You can wear it with or without shoes.

*Big toe strap*
Stretch big toes movement to relieve the big toes of the lateral strain: pull the toes outward, maintain 10 seconds and repeat 10 times side. Open toe movement to prevent deterioration of hallux valgus. Soft and comfortable Bunion Corrector Strap.Self-control strength of stretching prevents damage to the toe joint. Wash by water and air-dry in an easy way. 

Stop suffering with painful from bunions, this Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit can meet your need, it's a Must-Have for Bunion sufferers, have a try, you will love them.

Package Including: 
1 Pair Gel Pad Bunion Protector Sleeves
1 Pair Toe Separator with Bunion Guard
1 Pair Standard Toe Spacer
1 Piece Big Toe Exercise Strap