3 bars Olive and Wild Pistacia Oil Soap Bar (Bittim) ALL Natural Traditional Castile from Siirt Turkey

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SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES....A unique soap that cleans effectively, producing a velvety smooth lather that leaves the skin silky smooth and refreshed. Olive oil supports regeneration of the skin tissue and regulation of the natural moisture balance. Makes the skin smooth and soft and it stimulates, strengthens and nourishes the skin. Rich in high quality antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals that can be harmful to the skin. Rich in substances with anti -inflammatory effects. HANDCRAFTED IN TURKEY....in Siirt Turkey using local natural ingredients. Please note that the soaps are hand cut and not molded. Therefore each bar will not be a uniform weight and size. BENEFITS.... Most people are aware that consuming olive oil has health benefits. Using olive oil in the form of soap has benefits too. Olive oil is moisturising to the skin and when used as an ingredient in soap, can keep skin healthy and nourished.... MOISTURISE.... Soap made with olive oil is a natural and hypo-allergenic way to nourish and moisturise skiN and helps the skin's surface retain moisture. Regular use helps keep skin looking supple and smooth.... ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY.... Since olive oil contains high levels of many antioxidants, including vitamins A and E, it has the ability to renew and repair free radical damage in skin. It helps protect and reverse the damage and wrinkles caused by sun exposure, pollution, smoke and an unhealthy diet. Additionally, the antioxidants present in soap with olive oil stimulate skin cells, leading to regrowth and maintenance of healthy, firm skin.